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Bespoke Training

Bespoke Training

Dublinia’s role as a visitor attraction and training provider has a full appreciation and understanding of the importance of the visitor experience to your organisation. We understand the importance of quality and consistency in the delivery of guided tours and the challenges that can arise.

Dublinia works with organisations to develop their company’s tour guide competencies in order to achieve a consistent, professional and high quality standard of tour ensuring best practice and delivering a quality experience to your customers.
This service to industry includes;

  1. Providing QQI approved tour guide training to personnel
  2. Assessment of tour guide performance
  3. Feedback and Training needs analysis
  4. Provision of bespoke tour guide training including;
    Tour script interpretation, communication techniques and customer care

We would be delighted to discuss your organisation’s needs.

Contact: Patrick Herbage: tel. 01 6794611 or